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How To Install Postman On Ubuntu 18.04 - In this post, we will learn how to install Postman on Ubuntu 18.04. Postman is a GUI (Graphics User Interface) tool that functions as a Caller API (Application Programming Interface) but not only that there are other features such as Testing API, Sharing Collection for Documentation whose features are free, but there are also paid features such as Real-time Collaboration features Team, API Monitoring, and Integration. To find out more about the postman, you can open the Postman website.

Step 1: Download and Install Postman

Open a terminal and follow the steps of each row:

For Ubuntu 32 Bit:

$ wget https://dl.pstmn.io/download/latest/linux32 -O postman.tar.gz
$ sudo tar -xzf postman.tar.gz -C /opt
$ rm postman.tar.gz
$ sudo ln -s /opt/Postman/Postman /usr/bin/postman
For Ubuntu 64 Bit:
$ wget https://dl.pstmn.io/download/latest/linux64 -O postman.tar.gz
$ sudo tar -xzf postman.tar.gz -C /opt
$ rm postman.tar.gz
$ sudo ln -s /opt/Postman/Postman /usr/bin/postman

Step 2: Adding icon laucher Postman

After downloading and installing is complete, the Postman launcher icon is not yet on Ubuntu so we must configure it by adding the launcher icon file, open the terminal and type the following command.

$ nano ~/.local/share/applications/postman.desktop
Enter the configuration below into the file.
[Desktop Entry]
After the installation is complete, Postman is already on our Ubuntu. Just open postman on Ubuntu search, then create an account or login if you already have it.

Picture of the Postman
Picture of the Postman


Postman is an application tool for Caller API that is free but has paid features. Postman also supports the Ubuntu operating system and his family. From the beginning of the installation process Postman we have to download the Postman installer file with type compress tar.gz after downloading we have to extract it and move it to the opt directory in the root and also link to the /usr/bin directory. After the installation is complete Postman can only be opened through the terminal, to open with the launcher icon we have to create a configuration file to display on the Ubuntu menu. We must log in first to use this postman tool.

How To Install Postman On Ubuntu 18.04

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